The Face of Content Marketing in 2016

The shaping of content marketing has been evolving since the dawn of internet, and it has reached its peak and its rock bottom several times. It is common sense that you need content strategy to succeed in marketing, yet knowing that sometimes poses many other questions, like how does your marketing content look like?

The evolution of marketing is happening right in front of us due to the fact that technology is becoming more and more interactive and gaining the ability to track engagement and automate communication. Will simple articles soon become interactive? In order to stay on the right track in 2016, you have to figure out how your marketing content will work and have most effect. Here are some of the things that will get you started.

Write everything down

As all the things around us change constantly, one thing remains the same –those who document their marketing strategy still have the highest percent success rate. A research of Content Marketing done each year showed that in 2016, things will not change for those documenting their marketing strategy, and that they will still have the highest success rate overall. Reasons are simple: they will feel less challenged by all of the aspects of content marketing, and their marketing strategy will be more effective. Therefore, here is the reason to spend that entire extra budget on a proper marketing strategy.

Know your way around the audience

Let us assume that every company has already established their target audience and most content marketers, by following this content marketing guide have already develop and rely on several customer avatars. By doing so, they know exactly who their target audience is and how to market them. But, that will not be enough in the following year; content marketers will have to find new ways to connect their content and the audience.

For instance, Youtube channel about beauty and eye makeup will attract certain audience that wants to find out more about eye makeup, but finding a way to implement marketing strategy and lead that audience away from Youtube, to a place of your own liking, now that will be a true challenge. Most people just ignore Youtube links, so finding a way on how to lead target audience will become a priority number one.

Act fast

We are living in a world where mobile phones are being used as the main way of searching online content. Having this in mind, many content marketers will have to work on optimizing their content for smartphones, tablets, and many other devices. It is very important to know how users are reaching your content, and what are they doing with it.
Simple clicking, sharing or uploading is something that may or may not happen. Do not get trapped between the two sides, start working and investing in your marketing strategy today so that you can track engagement and shares in detail. Also, Google announced that apps which allow Google to index their searches will rank better than those that will not allow it. The same goes for websites- if it is not optimized for mobile search, it will not be reached, period. Having this in mind, all which you can do is act as fast as you can, and optimize your content for all future searches, both from mobile phone and pc browser.

Utilize social media as a channel

If you have not done it yet, embrace social media now! Social media supports your content marketing campaign, so do not limit yourself to Twitter or Instagram or Facebook only. Use them all to their full potential, and establish firm marketing channels, for that is where most of the people find all of the articles. Content has higher reach on social media than it has on the websites where it originated.

Put all of the pieces together and think of the ultimate strategy to use these channels in your advantage. Utilize their full potential, before somebody else does.

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