10 amazing benefits of selenium over QTP

Quality testing is an essential part of any production procedure and it cannot be avoided in the case of software development too. Or, you can say it is more important in software development as even a minor mistake at any point of time may lead to many serious issues apart from time waste and money waste. Here, in this case, QA should be conducted at all stages of development.

There was a time when manual tests have been conducted. As the technology developed further, testing automation took the central stage and many tools have been introduced to facilitate testing automation. Selenium training and QTP testing training are the most popular ones among them.

It is common for those who are just beginning the career in QA to have a doubt about which tool to be chosen. Here are a few points to go with Selenium tool.

1. Price Factor

In a highly competitive world, price factor has a major role in deciding the market share of any product. Hence, it is necessary to bring down the production cost to the minimum. In this aspect, Selenium enjoys an upper hand over QTP as Selenium automation tool is free when QTP is a commercially sold product.

2. Platform Compatibility

Now, different platforms are available to work with and everybody have the right to chose any of them. Any program or tool should be multiple platform compatible nowadays. Unfortunately, QTP will run only on Windows whereas Selenium is multiple platform compatible.

3. Browser Compatibility

Similarly, a program or a tool should be compatible with multiple platforms. At a time, when people are using different browsers, this feature is essential and, unfortunately, QTP did not have the same, whereas Selenium is compatible with different browsers such as Google, Firefox etc.

4. Volume

QTP is limited to smaller organizations or for smaller tests. At the same time, Selenium can be used for simple and powerful document object model level testing and can be used for continuous integration with agile projects.

5. Programming Language

At a time when different testers are using different program languages, Selenium places itself a level above QTP with its multiple language compatibility. When QTP supports only VB scripts, Selenium webdriver supports multiple languages including java, perl, PHP, python, ruby etc.

6. Test Development Environment

Selenium testing allows using many IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio etc whereas with QTP you need a separate environment for them.

7. Additional Plug-ins

Selenium allows to add additional plug-ins, if necessary to perform any specific function and it is free of cost. Although QTP too allows, you will have to pay an extra amount for this facility.

8. Performing Multiple Functions

Selenium testing performs the functions on the background on the browser when QTP executes the steps on the application. Here, in the case of Selenium, the user can minimize the window and can perform any other functions while the test continues. But, no other functions can be performed when you are using QTP.

9. Technical Support

Technical support is essential in this case. QTP, being a commercial product, has technical support from the dealers but there are many open forums and groups providing technical support for Selenium online. In a way, even the technical support is free for online Selenium training.
10. Test Development Environment When you use QTP, test development scripts can be developed only in QTP but with selenium, the same can be developed in different IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio and Netbeans.

You may have to compare a few more points to take the final decision, but these are the important points which you should take care of while selecting a test automation tool.

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Karthik K is the founder of, an online software testing training institute that specializes in various software courses. Karthik is an expert in Selenium training and passionate to provide awesome benefits of Selenium over QTP.

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