How To Technology Use In Real State Business

Real estate professionals – how technology can make their lives better

The job of a realtor is not a simple one: to sell something very important as the “dream house” or apartment requires a lot of dedication. Fortunately, you can count on the help of technology to sell more real estate, especially when the housing market is not so good. The options available to combine technology and sales are many, and fully accessible; any real state professional can start using them today. Understand their impact and learn some strategies in the article below:

The impact of technology on real estate transactions

The new generation of potential customers is a connected generation - people who spend most of their time online, whether on tablets, smartphones or computers. For a real state professional, it is important to be close to his customers; so it is essential that the realtor is also connected. The main advantages of being present online, using the available technology, are: • Potential to reach more customers; • To advertise your work with low-cost or even no cost; • Increased buyer confidence in the realtor - because a well-run online presence can help in building good professional image; • Better marketing, through the use of various media resources available.


A blog is a well known and consolidated option. It works like a digital magazine, and a way to provide information to large audiences. You can describe the properties available, attach photos and videos, and create a contact form. With an effective blog, the realtor can be found by potential customers - through Google Search, for example. Through a blog, all other contact/communication networks can be linked. You also can promote your posts on Facebook, post videos on YouTube to increasing your online presence. Best of all is that there are numerous sites that offer blogs with layouts ready to use. Just choose what model that suits you and start to publish your content.


In addition to blogs, Facebook is another tool currently very widespread. Thousands of people have an active profile on this social network – meaning that there is a sea of sales opportunities to be explored by realtors. You can use Facebook to post text, photos and videos of houses and apartments that you are selling, and even create an event for the launch of a property sale. Facebook uses a more informal and direct style of communication, and is the best option to reach younger customers.


The use of Whatsapp for negotiations is a little bit different. In this case, the tool does not work so well for mass dissemination; instead, it is more fitted to maintain direct and personal contact with customers. Whatsapp offers an alternative to remind the customer about a property, ask for a position or submit a proposal. Although informal, it is much more efficient than an e-mail to get quick answers. Furthermore, it is an app to which any client has access.


With this app you can make your notes quickly and easily. The task management on it is very easy, and the application is available for different operational systems. You can use the Evernote app even without internet and, when you have a network available, the information is synchronized to the app. It also has a lot of search options, whether you organized or disorganized in your notes.

Real estate search apps

Although these applications are not controlled by the realtors themselves, they are also interesting tools. They allow you to find properties available for sale or rent in the desired region. It is possible to apply filters of price, area, number of bedrooms, among others. For realtors, this type of technology allows you to discover new business opportunities and evaluate the real estate market in the region.

There are several options for the realtor that wants to use technology on their work to improve sales. You must choose the most advantageous options for you, and include them in your work routine. Today’s skilled real estate professionals are tech-savvy. They perfectly understand that the internet and advanced technology are the two most useful tools to sell properties and make a name of themselves. If you want to make yourself noticed and build a reputation in the realty business, you must learn to use technology to beat your competitors.

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