Best Business Intelligence Software for 2016

Business intelligence (BI) is a term used for applications used to transfer data into useful and meaningful information which can propel business and help it make better decisions. Business intelligence software is used to pull information from internal data rather than the outside sources. There is literally thousands of business intelligence software on the market right now, and the competition among them is fierce. Each of them is trying to stand out by adding something new, which makes it very difficult for us when it comes to choosing the best BI to work with. Yet, some do stay ahead of others and here is a list of BI software which will dominate the rest of 2016.


If you are a business owner looking to maximize the performance of your business, than Chartio is the right business intelligence software for you. The system is very easy to use, with a simple ‘drag and drop’ chart creation. This allows every business to easily create charts in order to map out necessary data. Chartio also offers several different graphs, each presenting data in its own way. The software works within the boundaries of the given data source, and there are literally no limits to what it can accomplish. Connect data easily from multiple sources with only a few clicks, and see your business flourish.

Exago Software

Contrary to Chartio, Egaxo Software is a bit different in terms of its usage. Namely, Exago is also Business intelligence software; however it is used to find unique balance of operational and ad hoc reporting, dashboards, and interactive data visualization. The most important thing is that Exago is created for non-technical business users, which makes it versatile and available for everyone. Exago is downloaded and installed on host application servers, sitting behind host application firewalls, which means that no additional plug-ins or downloads are required. Using Exago is highly recommended, especially if you are not the best with tech and are new to this.


With Pentaho all your data charts are giving more information than any other BI software. It helps industries make data-driven decisions. Pentaho comes with a platform that is created for data integration and analytics. All of the big data integration is included, along with great visualization, interactive dashboards, reports of missing data and future predicting. With Pentaho, you can find, manage and combine data from more than one source at the time. It offers interactive business analytic tools, and it is definitely something worth getting.

Panorama Necto

This business intelligence software is both incredibly well designed and easy to use. It is so far Panorama’s greatest BI, created solely for increasing business benefits and improving the way business is being conducted. Its visualization is unique and the dashboards have the latest design. The software itself uses collaborative sources and actions are based on suggestions to optimize performances. It connects easily to multiple data sources, and is able to model them without any coding. You will receive real life notifications 24/7 and you will be able to keep an eye on everything you or your coworkers do.


Nominated for the best “data analytics’ startup, Looker has been getting top sales ever since. It is modern business intelligence with an advanced platform created for data exploration and analyzing. It is developed for intuitive use by anyone who knows how to operate a web browser. It works on any device, and it has a team of active developers who keep adding new updates occasionally. With Looker, you can make the most out of your data analysis and make data-driven decisions. Dashboards are fully customizable and easy to create with graphs and reports included. Looker offers a free trial which will give all the potential users an insight into what they could achieve with a full version of the software and an access to the support team which will answer all your potential questions.

Listed Business intelligences are at the top of their league, each giving a little bit extra to distinguish them from the rest. If you end up using any of them, know that your business will be in safe hands in terms of data usage and analysis.

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