Free Jpg To Word Converter Software

Tips To Do A JPG To Word Conversion

Quite often, we meet situations that require us to extract text from a file. But we get dismayed when we realize that such files are in an image and not in a Word format, and can therefore not have material copied and pasted out of them. We are then left with very few choices; type out everything we want to extract from the image file, or convert the file to a Word document.

The second option is no doubt the better one given that we quite often will not want to go through the stress of typing out everything we need from the image file. This is particularly true if the material we want to extract is voluminous. How then do we convert an image file to a Word document? There are two simple ways to go about it; do it directly online, or download a converter. If you are going to do it directly online, this is what you should do--

1. Visit There, you will be able to do a direct online conversion free of charge.

2. Select the image file you want to be converted. You can also scan it from a scanner connected to your computer.

3. Choose a language for the text file to be converted.

4. Choose the format you want the image to be converted to (the output format). This should naturally be Word (Doc)

5. Key in the captcha that appears below the page, and click the “Convert” button.

6. When the conversion is completed, download the file and enjoy!!!

If you would rather download the software, then follow these steps.

1. Go to
or and download this amazing software. This is what you get when you install and run it.

2. Select the JPG file you want to convert or scan a document for conversion.

3. Choose your output format. Your option should be Word (Doc).
4. Select a language from the drop down menu under Language.

5. Tick the “Auto Rotate” and “Auto Skew” boxes so that the rotation and skew of the jpg file is corrected.

6. Click “Save” the button.

Note that in order to have more accurate results, you need to have high quality images. This is particularly important because poor quality image files could cause the system to misread certain parts of the document. If this happens, the converted word document could have minor errors in them.


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