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Spoofing isn’t your thing? An affordable WhatsApp spying app is the solution then

We must agree—technologically is getting expensive day by day and not everyone gets a hefty increment on their salary. Having said that, I can name tons of gadgets and apps that are charging hundreds of dollars. BUT—there is a silver lining to all of this. Not every piece of tech is out of range, if you are ready to do a little compromise. Get a mid-range smartphone; don’t go for an iPad Pro; stick to moderate features, and tadah! You have saved yourself a lot of money.

Moving onto mobile apps market in particular,It’s growing like a wildfire. The global mobile app revenue is expected to grow by 2.2 times, for next 5 years, reaching a blistering value of $79billion. Where is this money all coming from? Well, we are paying for using all those premium apps and games.

And now, coming down to spoofing, it’s a technique that’s used for various reasons—you spoof your Xbox to run pirated discs, and you also spoof others’ mac address to spy on their WhatsApp, Viber, etc.People who don’t like to spend even a dime on spying, resort to this quirky method. But sadly, technologically challenged people like us know a little about these techniques. So why don’t we simply go for an affordable WhatsApp spying app, if we don’t know the drills of spoofing?

What are WhatsApp spying apps?

Spying apps are remote tools that people can use to monitor others’ cell phone. These apps, are manually installed onto a smartphone so they won’t have to breach through any security protocols. The spy app resides secretly on a cell phone and uploads data onto a server. Users of these spying apps can access smartphone activity of the targets by using online control panels(that’s what they are called most of the time).

There are a few hacks to save some dollars on your paid subscriptions of mobile spying apps, and we want to make sure you get to them.

1. Search for it

To getan affordable spying app, you have to look for it. There are many affordable WhatsApp spying appsand giving your rusty Googling skills can help you find one. Your first priority should be to check if the spy app is offering WhatsApp on their features list. Then, check what WhatsApp logs’ monitoring they are offering. You should be able to monitor call logs, chats, group chats and multimedia of all kind. Look for these prerequisites for every app that you come across, before moving onto the price.

2. Compare plans

Don’t fall for the tricky marketing techniques. Tagline like “Starts as low as $xx/month” will pop up in front of your eyes too often. What you need to do is to first decide the duration of your spying. If you are planning for a whole year, compare yearly plans. If it’s less than that, go for a quarter, and if you just want to give it a try, get an app that has the cheapest monthly packages.

Remember, these spying apps aren’t dedicated WhatsApp spying apps. Don’t forget to go through the complete set of features—it may help you spy on other important phone logs too.

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