New Latest Bluetooth Speakers

Latest Bluetooth Speakers, Which are Going to Change the Way You Listen Music

Electronic companies and expert engineers are in a quest of improving functionality of electronic devices. Smart phones, watches, television and speakers, all of these devices are not the same as they used to be before a decade. Internet connectivity and Bluetooth technology has become two essential things in every electronic product now. Just like other cutting-edge electronic products, the wireless speakers are also going through some big changes.

Amazon has amazed the world by producing Echo, which is a Bluetooth speaker that operates on voice commands. You can call it the best wireless speaker of our age because it can also perform home automation operations and play high-quality music simultaneously. It is just an example of what you are going to see the next in a few years. Bluetooth speakers will gain more features and become more useful for us. There are a few more companies, who have tried to improve their Bluetooth speakers and offer highly functional Bluetooth speakers to play music. So, let’s take a view of the best portable devices available to play music.

Sound Blast Roar2:

The original Sound Blast Roar had amazed the world by its low price and cutting-edge features. Creative had gained huge profit by its flagship wireless speaker and now it has launched Sound Blast Roar2. It is probably one of the best Bluetooth Speakers launched in 2016. Again low price and pioneering features make it the best pick of the year. It uses Bluetooth connectivity and offers plenty of other wireless speaker features to improve your experience. The sound quality is simply awesome and you can also charge your Smartphone through this amazing speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini2

It looks quite small in size, but SoundLink Mini2 is surprisingly better than many other Bluetooth speakers. It has excellent sound quality and probably better than the first installment of SoundLink Mini. The original SoundLink Mini has only 7 hours battery backup, while SoundLink Mini2 can play music up to ten hours. You can quickly charge it through the micro-USB cable and its small size makes it the best choice to carry in bags.

JBL Flip3

Of-course, Bose SoundLink Mini2 can draw any buyer towards its small size and quality features, but many buyers may step back from purchasing it because of its expensive price. Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy same type’s wireless speaker at affordable prices. The JBL Flip3 is a perfect alternative of Bose SoundLink3. The previous version of this speaker (Flip2) was offering only 5 hours’ battery backup, which is now increased to 10 hours. It is waterproof, easily portable and it is quite loud. You can listen the music among 50 feet’s range by playing music on this amazing Bluetooth Speaker.

CB3 Ultra Slim:

Aluminum-body, ultra slim design and powerful buttons, these are few things which you get when you buy CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth speaker. It is the latest wireless speaker developed and launched by a brand new company in the market. It seems like a TV remote that you can pick and carry anywhere you want. It can play loud music, work longer once fully charged and it is purchasable at quite reasonable prices.

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