What is Dark Web? How to Use it?

Dark web is a part of the World Wide Web, consisting of an overlay network and the darknet, that uses the public Internet and requires certain software, configurations, or authorization to access. In the post, you will see more details about the dark web.

What is a dark web?

Dark web is a part of the shadow-line market. Dark web is a specialized group of sites, where the identity of each user is hidden from the authorities and law enforcement trackers. Conventional search engines and standard web browsers may not see the Dark web page. In fact, this is a private virtual space, where people are anonymous to achieve their goals and find the necessary information for them.

The purpose of "The Dark web"

The aim - to provide the Dark web users with anonymity online with a guarantee of security, where users can virtually interact with each other and not be afraid of the law. The dark web contains forums, blogs informants, the rules of cooperation of some services with other online services, resources, documentation etc.

Positive: if we try to get to know all the subtleties of this web, Dark web acts as a haven of democracy and anti-corruption. Where informants can report corporate and government misconduct to the press, without fear of persecution and the revelation of corrupt practices, which are hidden from the public. In this network, there is complete freedom of speech and information. Dark web is also a place where people from the despotic repressive countries or religions can find like-minded people and even get help. And of course, Dark web is a haven for journalists and people with a very unusual way of life, to communicate on the network without fear of reprisals.

Negative: well, without the doubt, the dark web has its downsides. In fact, it plays the role of the black market, where you can buy or sell anything, any contraband, stolen item or illegally obtained information. Drugs, weapons, stolen credit card numbers, different types of pornography, use money laundering services, and even hire assassins - it's all there available on the Dark web.

How may one work on the dark web? Tips and tricks...

To work in the Dark web you will need to install a special software. To do this, you have to be the pretty experienced user. There are two options: I2P Protocol (Invisible Internet Project) and TOR protocol (The Onion Router). These are two different technologies that make you appear as the anonymous.

TOR is a proxy server system, allowing to establish an anonymous network connection that is protected from monitoring. TOR site uses the domain name .onion. Surfing the dark web is usually faster with TOR.

I2P network is an overlay, stable (node shutdown will not affect the operation of the network) and anonymous network. When data is transferred between network nodes the encryption is used. The speed is inferior to TOR, however, I2P is more resistant to the law enforcement supervision.
In both cases, Dark web operates using complex mathematical encryption to encrypt the identity and location of a network participant. All network traffic jumps from server to server across the globe, making it impossible to track. Messaging is conducted with the help of using the alias, not associated with a real person. Most monetary transactions use bitcoins and escrow services in the third person, in order to protect both buyer and seller against unfair trade.

Dark web or deep web? What is the difference?

Deep web(invisible, hidden web), in the broad sense, is a set of web pages not indexed by search engines. The most common thing is that deep web page is not related to any hyperlinks and thus becomes almost invisible to the naked eye. Another characteristic of the web page is that its content is available only to registered (or those who have passed a special verification) users. As a rule, in order to get to such websites, you should use special web browsers- anonymizer and programs that are adapted to work with closed networks.

What is the point?

While SEO-optimizers are trying to raise their websites in the search query system as high as possible, the owners of the deep web, by contrast, are doing everything to make it possible to hide them securely. It is not difficult to guess, it is about the content, and it is better that this content does not appear in the eyes of law enforcement agencies. You can find services that sell drugs, weapons, passwords, fake passports, databases on the deep web expanses and in general all things that are impossible to buy in your place legally.

There are also services that you may purchase on a deep web, also illegal ones. For example, you can order a hacker attack. A specialist with 20-year-experience, depending on the complexity of the work (there could be conventional DDoS-attacks as well as developed sophisticated Trojans and other malware) will ask for the services at the price starting from 200 euros and more. Deep Wide Web uses many methods of encryption and a large chain of nodes, which is why the speed of opening pages in the deep web is extremely low. Deep websites look quite austere, it is often a simple HTML-page containing plain text, and its whole appearance is reminiscent of the early era of the Internet. It is believed that the level of encryption in the deep web is so high that the secret services will never be able to curb it and bring it to the user account. In practice, it turns out a little differently: many governments have long been struggling with closed networks and achieved some success in this.

At first glance, these two webs are pretty the same but there are some peculiarities about them that make them differ from one another. The main difference between two notions (dark web and deep web) is that deep web is used in the context when the person refers to all the hidden webpages and websites. That is why we may say that the dark web is a constituent part of the deep web! In addition, what is interesting, every webpage may have a staging version on the deep web. Password-protected bits are also located on the deep web.

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