How To Use f1, f2, f3,f4,f5, f6, f7, f8, f9, f10, f11,f12 Key

You have computer or laptops and desktops but you don't know uses of f1 to f12 key so no problem in this tutorial I tell you how to uses F1 to F12 key so read key use.

F1 To F12 key uses :-

How to use f1 key-

1.F1 key through you can get help of any software if you open any software and you don't know how to use this software so press f1 key and get help.

2.Press "Window Key + F1" you can get Microsoft window support and help.

How to use F2 key- want to change any file name and folder name so just click on file then press f2 button then you can easily change folder name.

2.Press Ctrl+F2 button when you are using Ms World after pressing this key print preview option open.

3.Press "Alt+ctrl+F2" button and open new document file in Ms World.

How to use F3 key-

1.When you press F3 button so always search box open then you can search any word and digits.

2.Press "Shift+F3" Button and change case upper word to lower or lower to upper world.

How to use F4 Key-

1.Press "Alt+F4" key to close the current window like Ms office, browser, and current task.

2.Press "Ctrl+F4" Button perform search box in any software and task.

How to use F5 Key-

1.When you are using internet and open browser or you want to refresh page so press F5 button then browser page reload.

2.Ms world open and you want replace any world so press F5 key any replace task open then change word .

3.F5 button press you can start slide show in Ms Power Point.

How to use F6 Key-

1.Press F6 button when you are using Ms Word so you get all Ms office function looks like world and when you press any word according to shortcut so task perform.

2.When browser open and you fill any data address bar directly so Press F6 button then directly go address bar of Explorer.

How to use F7 key-

1.Press "shift+F7" Key to open source page of browser.

2.Press F7 key to spell check option open.

How to use F8 key-

1.Function key used to enter the Windows startup menu, commonly use to get into Windows Safe Mode.

How to use F9 key-

1.Refresh document in Microsoft Word.

2.Send and receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.

3.Opens the Measurements toolbar in Quark 5.0.

4.Reduce laptop screen brightness (on some laptops).

How to use F10 Key-

1.In Microsoft Windows activates the menu bar of an open application.

2.Shift + F10 is the same as right-clicking on a highlighted icon, file, or Internet link.

How to use F11 Key-

1.Enter and exit full screen mode in all modern Internet browsers.

2.Ctrl + F11 as computer is starting to access the hidden recovery partition on many Dell computers.

How to use F12 Key-

1.Open the Save as window in Microsoft Word.

2.Ctrl + F12 opens a document In Word.

3.Shift + F12 saves the Microsoft Word document (like Ctrl + S).

4.Ctrl + Shift + F12 prints a document in Microsoft Word.

5.Preview a page in Microsoft Expression Web.

6.Open Firebug or browser debug tool.

Disclaimer:-This is short cut key for Computer uses if you have  many new ideas so contact to Contact page E-mail address.

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truecaller app for nokia x2-05

Truecaller this application is very famous in  this time because truecaller application support all plate form like java and android.Here I m share link of truecaller application for Nokia X2-05.Nokia mobile phones for truecaller application must and latest version and up gradable.

Download Truecaller application for Nokia X2-05 Mobile and More:-

Truecaller application Features:-

1.Truecaller application provide details and name who phoned you.

2.You can try search name and service Provided through true caller.

3.You can block any number through Truecaller Application.

Download Application For Nokia X2-05

1.Firstly Download Application file then.

2.Install File then.

3.Open truecaller app and access application.

Disclaimer:-Truecaller application specially design for nokia x2 05 mobile and more nokia mobile like nokia 109, 110,1100 ,206 here i m providing only linking .

Top five game for Nokia X7-00

Are you looking game for Nokia X7-00 so you are on right place because this site provide you highly graphics game with good interface.Racing game is very popular game this time racing have good new adventure in each stage and different cars bikes or speeds really awesome.

Download Game For Nokia X7-00:-

1.Moto Cross2 Game:-
Moto cross2 specially design for Nokia X7-00 because this game have good graphics in Moto cross game bike had to perform different country location and win race.

2.GT Racing 2 Game:-

You Don't have Ferrari no problem GT racing game complete your all wishes because in this game different types of Ferrari cars new version and new graphics.

3.Hill Climbing Game:-
Hill Climbing game update new stages daily if you want to enjoy game lot so Hill game provides new cars, bikes and lots of new stages in this game you had to contribute coins and purchase new thing like stage fuel etc.

4.Need for Speed Game:-
Are you crazy for speed so Need for speed game perfect for you in this game have lots of new racing cars with highly speed and different turn and stages very good.

5.3D Bus Simulator Game:-
3D Bus simulator game gives a challenges to you. Challenge like a parking 3D bus game have good graphics and 30 different stages.
Disclaimer:-Here I M providing links of game if any buddy annoy and want to write and gives me any information so comment please i will solve your problem shortly.

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Nokia asha 501 502 200 306 305 210 311 Games

Are you looking game for Nokia asha 230 503 500 502 501 210 310 205 309 308 so you are good place because here I Am provide top game related to Nokia asha this time nokia asha mobiles best selling in India and thousands of peoples daily search asha game.

Before starting the game clear cache memory and make space for game.

1.Danger Dash Free:- This game with have very highly graphics and good player when you play Danger Dash Free game so really you forget everything.
Download Game Here

2.The Avengers:-
Avengers game in alien attack and captain America save to peoples, fight with alien and defeat alien

3.GT Racing 2:-Racing game very popular this time lots of racing game have now but GT Racing so different because this game developed for gamer there peoples feel different new stages come every day.
Download Game Here

4.Fashion Icon Free:-
 We lives in fashion world and this world gave full fill with glamour so this game specially developed for girls a girls wondering in Paris way and purchase different cloths to different shops.
Download Game Here 

5.Adventures Of Simba:-
lions king of forest this game have a good lion and lion forget way here king of forest search way , Different way have different adventures.
Download Game Here

Disclaimer:- This game Nokia asha download highly you have more good game so send me
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Sony Ericsson hard reset

Sony Ericsson very good mobile in features but some time you realize Sony mobile don't work properly so you feel tension not now you should not take any tension because I have a very good technique for hard reset Sony Ericsson mobile after use this technique your mobile work very good.

Before Hard Reset Use precaution:-

1.Mobile Fully charged.
2.Make mobile Backup data.
3.Mobile card remove.

Sony Ericsson Hard Reset Process:-

1.First Switch Off mobile then.

2.Press and hold (Power +Back +Menu )Button Then.

3.Left Power key when you feel mobile vibrate and going to on but press Continue (Back+Menu) key.

4.After that you look menu key and dial code *#*#7378423#*#*then.

5. Customized Setting and select Reset Customization

6.After that you mobile switch on and mobile completely hard reset.

Disclaimer:-This is good method for hard reset if you have any other method so tell me Id.

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activate 3g on idea prepaid sim

you have idea sim and you want to surf 3G internet on mobile but you don't know how to active 3G on mobile so I am share very good short cut method for idea 3G on mobile you follow some steps and easily active idea 3G.

Steps for on 3G in idea sim:-

1. Firstlty Sim should be put in mobile then

2.Write message in message box 3G and send to 54777 

3.If activation Message don't come so Send Message for check your mobile support or not support 3G services >>CHECK to 12345

4.If mobile support 3G so one more message and mobile status show other wise 3G don't active in mobile.

Process deactivate 3G in Idea number:-

If you want to deactivate 3G Idea so simple send message DEACT3G to 12345  toll free number or dial *147# on your mobile screen then change plan.

Disclaimer:-This is activation and deactivation process for idea if you have any new trick to send me idea on E-Mail address.

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top health application for android

Whether you can make the smart phone is the caretaker of health just a few applications to take advantage of the late.

Top Health Application for Android:-

1.Healthify Me:-
Nowadays everyone is most of the tension that far more obese or overweight should not eat food with calorie "HealthifyMe" will erase your concerns. The calorie counter application like Indian food database of 10,000 is on the high side. It will tell you what to eat, what not increase calories. Not so hey, it is also located on-site fitness tracker to track your activities and how many calories you burn to tell and what steps should be taken to improve lifestyle. This application will appear on the Google App Store. Once the subscription Paid dietitian and fitness trainer will also advise.
Download Application

2.First Aid American Red Cross:-
Suddenly a familiar humanitarian accident or if someone wants to help the helpful work I present to your help, "American Red Cross first aid" as soon as the application to crash what treatment the patient may be given a situation like . This is the app to get Detailsfull. Voice guide to better understand the steps, the video is also given to the app from the Google Play Store can be.
Download Application

3.Seven 7 Minute Workout:-

In today's busy life, not necessarily everyone Hour e to two hour walking to jogging and exercising. Easy Solution for members to stay busy, consumed minute of this amazing app app. I am the app you just consumed minute tips to stay fit and fine can get the application you can download from the Play Store.
Download Application

This app gives you the chance to take advice from a doctor in free. Applications Over 50,000 Doctors I have sub tie with mental and physical every disease that you can get advice related to the Problem of Children and the Women Doctors of all the problems associated with this application you can view for free You can download from the store.

Disclaimer:-This is top application for android if you  have more application related to android so send me contact E-mail address.

Top Application For Nokia Asha 200,311,500,501,502,503,202,205,303

Nokia Asha really very good mobile because Nokia asha support more then 100+ application and this type of apps fully works in Nokia asha series if you have Nokia asha any series so I am share some very good apps this application support Nokia asha mobile phones
Application For Nokia Asha mobile:- 
1.Pdf File Pro Appliation for nokia asha -
Portable Document file Pdf this application open any Adobe reader type file and this application must use in Nokia asha like you want to download any file to internet and read file data so open file through Pdf file pro application.

2.File Share Application for nokia asha-
Generally file share application share file into one mobile to another mobile but this File share application specially made for Nokia asha mobile and special features of this file application file share very fast.

2.Facebook Application for Nokia asha-
Facebook this is very popular application in this world and Facebook have on lot's of new plate form but here i m provide facebook apps for nokia asha 305.Facebook through you can chat with your friends and your family member made new friend on fb and share your thought to each other.Facebook have lots of new features like send strikers photo and voice call video call Etc.

4.Cleaner Pro application for Nokia asha-
Cleaner Application clear cache memory and clear temporary file to mobiles phones and make free space in Nokia Asha 200 mobile this apps special designed for nokia asha series and special features in this mobile this is update version and automatically update when you connect your mobile in internet.

Disclaimer-Here i m share very good mobile software link if you have also good software post so send me your post on my E-mail address.

Samsung Galaxy hard Reset Process

Samsung Mobile is best in features and Samsung mobile compatible in price but some time you forget password and pattern lock so Samsung user don't use mobile so here i m share a very good hard reset method  for Samsung mobile.

Beware before hard reset Samsung mobile :-

1.Charge Mobile Battery Full.
2.Make backup of Mobile data.
3.Make SD Card backup also and format it if need. 

Restore Samsung mobile and Reset Pattern lock:  

Samsung hard reset process simple so seen method step by step.
  • First close all application of mobile then.
  • Start your mobile and press Volume Up+Home Button+ Power then
  • Mobile off then.
  • After that you had to wait then Samsung android mobile logo looking then.
  • Select Wipe data/Factory Reset with volume down button, Press power off then.
  • Select YES -Delete all user data with volume down then press power button.
  • Then format,after that you looks all data reboot.
Finished hard reset process.

Disclaimer:- This is very simple process for hard restore samsung mobile if you have another good method so contact or comment in comment box.
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You have Nokia X2-01 mobile phones and you have airtel sim, you wanted access internet in Nokia X2-01 mobile but you can't access internet so I am suggest APN setting for Nokia X2 phones This is very simple.

Follow some steps for manual Apn airtel setting

1.First Go to Setting/ Cellular setting / Access point names.
2.Open Menu and select New APN option.

Make this manual setting in APN setting -
1.Enter name:-Airtel Internet
APN type:-default

And more Proxy and function not fill Then save setting after saving setting you can easily access internet setting in Nokia X2 mobile.

Disclaimer:-This steps use any people can access internet in nokia X2 series mobile .

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Apps to Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience

For quite a few years television had been losing it popularity as the dominant form of media. With the emergence and rise of other channels and devices like tablets, laptops, internet, and not to forget smartphones, television had been slowly losing its appeal for more and more people.

However, as smartphones were just about to completely take over, TV manufacturers took matters into their hands and developed technologies that have evolved and redefined the TV viewing experience. One such developments has been in the form of the ability to connect your TV sets to your smartphones.

While you can now control your television with your smartphone or tablets that perform the function that originally belonged to the remote control, it doesn’t end here. In fact, your phone can now further enhance your TV viewing experience with the help of apps offered by certain networks and channels including packages like DirectTV on Demand.

Here, take a look at some of the TV companion apps to further your viewing experience and making it more interactive.

Tv Guide

“What should I watch tonight?“ This is perhaps the question that people ask themselves frequently. TV Guide is the ultimate app which offers a detailed catalogue of numerous programs from different channels. Not only does this app help you on deciding the show you want to watch, it also comes with a personal watchlist feature. You can now create your very own personalized list of TV shows, as well as set up alerts as a reminder to when a show is about to start. Further, this app has added features that enable filtering to see how popular a show is.


Though Beamly is essentially a social networking app, it is specially designed for TV enthusiasts. It is a platform which allows people to discuss their favorite TV shows and gossip about celebrities by gathering all television fanatics under one roof. After all, what better way is there to enjoy your #TGIT than engaging with more like minded folks while watching your favorite show on TV?

SyFy Sync

Especially designed for sci-fi lovers, this app is a great companion app to your television. SyFy Sync, as the name suggests, brings you detailed information on all the series related to sci-fi genre. Through this app you can get all the juicy details about your favorite series. One of the most enticing features of this app is that it browses behind the scenes pictures and videos. By making the app listen to a television audio of a particular episode, it recognizes the series and brings out the trivia related to it.


Music geek, are you? Then you must have heard about Shazam, a billion dollar company today. Thanks to the awesome technology it uses, It is the go-to app to identify music. It simply listens to a song through your set's microphone and runs a search. Not only does it identify the song, but gives you all the other details like the artist, album, year of release etc. Now, while you are surfing through channels on your TV and 'accidently' hear a song and 'love it', but can't recognize the name, simply turn on your Shazam app and let it do all the work. There are many other apps that have the ability to enhance your TV viewing experience by making it more lively, interactive and diverse. Apps like Twitter and Facebook let you update your status and share with your friends what you are currently watching on TV.
All in all, these applications have resulted in your TV sets to move away from its traditional goals towards a more accomplished role, thereby offering viewers a more interactive and fulfilling experience.

Whats app for Nokia X2-01 mobile

Whats app this is very good application for sending sms to other whats app number now this application very famous in virtual world and some people know this application support only android and window mobile but this is wrong because whats app develop this application for Nokia mobile and other simple mobile I am share a very good method and good link to download whats app application for Nokia X2 01 .

About Whats app

Whats aap very good technology for sending media messages to other people once you install whats app in your mobile and start to chat with friends so you feel amazing because one year this is totally free after one year whats app charged 0.99$ for whats app application.

Whats for Nokia X2 01 mobile

Latest Nokia mobile phones have window based but Nokia old version also support so here I am provide whats up for nokia mobile.

Download Whats app

Disclaimer:-Here i m providing only link of whats app of whats app don't support so Devicepoint never take any responsibility.

Make whats app free for life time 

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