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12 Best Applications for Unbanal Self-Education

Description: If you’re a happy user of mobile gadgets, you’re welcomed to read about the best 12 apps for self-education!

We all want to evolve and become better. Actually, self-education is the only way to become better. However, self-education does have its problems. First of all, getting access to the desired source may be accompanied by a number of difficulties. As a rule, motivation decrease over time.

Undoubtedly, the quality of gained knowledge largely depends on the availability of the material and the willingness of an individual. Luckily, today’s technologies make education possible almost anytime and anywhere.

If you’re a happy user of a smartphone, the below applications are just for you! Enjoy the Buzzessay collection of the most engaging apps that will give you positive motivation. By the way, you can get even more application to simplify the daily routine here.

#1 Rapid Reader for Fast Reading (free)

There are dozens of applications for reading in App Store and Google Play. But from 2014, the most effective ones use Spritz technology. Spritz is based on the method of quick visual presentation of a text. The text is divided into words, each of which has a single letter highlighted. This technology greatly accelerates the eye movement speed and thus reading. In addition, when the reader sees text and focuses on a particular letter, he starts a mechanism for determining the meaning of words.

• At standard speed, an adult is able to read from 120 to 180 words per minute. But using the app, you can speed up reading up to 1000 words per minute.

The program allows you to upload any text, and then choose the desired reading speed.

#2 Leafsnap for Identification Tree Species from the Images of Their Leaves (free)

Leafsnap was developed by the team of Columbian, Maryland, and Smithsonian institutions. It is based on the technology of recognition of human faces. The operating principle is very simple: if you want to know what kind of tree you met while walking, just bring the gadget to a leaf. The program compares its characteristics with those that are already in the database and displays the search results. If the application doubts, it offers several options with advanced information about each one.

#3 The Human Body by Tinybop ($3.99)

Human Body allows studying the human anatomy in an interactive manner. The skeleton can be assembled and disassembled. You can study muscular, nervous, circulatory, digestive and other systems of the human body. The app allows considering organs in a larger size, and in addition, explains how they work. For example, the way signals are transmitted to the brain after a needle stick and what happens to the stomach when you eat a few incongruous products. Also, you can make the virtual human move and track his heart rate change. Human Body is the first in a line of educational applications by Tinybop.

#4 Froguts Frog Dissection ($3.99)

Froguts Frog Dissection is a 3D-simulator that allows you to dissect Rana Catesbeiana, an experimental frog. The program offers a variety of tools, from scalpel to safety pins. You can study the dissected organs under the microscope.

Also, you’re able to study the physiology of the frog. For example, how amphibian skin passes oxygen and how the frog breathes. Both male and female individuals are available. The application is a partner of the US National Association of Biology Teachers.

#5 iDeas for Writing for aspiring writers ($2.99)

iDeas for Writing pursues an ambitious goal of educating writers and helping them to become real pen wizards. It does not matter in which genre you’re writing – the app will come up with the characters and dialogues. Moreover, the app will generate a good headline and offer a starting point of the plot.

In addition, the application provides numerous exercise for honing writing skills and expanding horizons of copyright.

#6 Sky Guide for studying cosmos ($2.99)

Sky Guide is one of the most popular applications for space and astronomy lovers. The app can replace trips to a planetarium. The big advantage is that the developers have used real images of the starry sky. Another significant plus is clean and simple operating principle. In order to study the sky, just point the phone at the sky.

The app examines even the objects invisible to the eye! It will show you where to look to see the constellation Canis Major, Andromeda, and even Mars. Sky Guide sends notifications of ISS flying over the specified area. Sky Guide has a version for Apple Watch.

#7 NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator for studying the Moon (free)

If you don’t want to spend time on studying the whole sky, you can just "fly" to the Moon. Big thanks to NASA!

The app is a moonwalker simulator. NASA admitted they wanted to create not just an app, but a cognitive game. Well, they did! Moon's surface is a "playground" where you landed within your space mission. You’ll have to carry loads, guiding and keep track of the technical condition of the machine.

#8 Thomas Was Alone for the development of spatial thinking ($4.99)

Thomas Was Alone contains geometric shapes, each of which has its own name and character. The purpose of the puzzle is to pass through the levels and overcome the obstacles on the way. The app has a variety of difficulty levels.

#9 Word of the Day (free)

Undoubtedly, the application will be useful for novice writers and all those who want to increase the vocabulary. One new word a day is not too much, isn’t it? While the terms are arranged in alphabetical order, you can quickly find the unknown word using search.

#10 Collins Bird Guide for bird lovers ($17.99)

The first paper edition of the Collins Bird Guide was published in 1999. 15 years later, a mobile version of the authoritative ornithological collection appeared. Collins Bird Guide is several times more expensive than the majority of apps, but it's worth it. First of all, It has 3500+ illustrations of birds. Secondly, it can determine the bird by voice. Just load the birdsong and wait until the program processes it and chooses the right bird from 700+ ones.

#11 Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe ($2.99)

In 2013, Stephen Hawking – a theoretical physicist and an author of more than 10 scientific books, released his first mobile app. The main goal of the program is the popularization of science. The application allows conducting 7 experiments that could shed light on the various aspects of the universe. For example, you can go into space on a shuttle and look for black holes.

#12 GoReact for chemical experiment (free)

I bet you loved laboratory works when you were a student. In GoReact, the Mendeleev’s table is turned into virtual agents, which can be connected with each other. Just do it and see what will happen. The big advantage is that the developers explain natural processes. For instance, things going on under the hood of the car, how the structure of the hair changes during the perm.


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What is Dark Web? How to Use it?

Dark web is a part of the World Wide Web, consisting of an overlay network and the darknet, that uses the public Internet and requires certain software, configurations, or authorization to access. In the post, you will see more details about the dark web.

What is a dark web?

Dark web is a part of the shadow-line market. Dark web is a specialized group of sites, where the identity of each user is hidden from the authorities and law enforcement trackers. Conventional search engines and standard web browsers may not see the Dark web page. In fact, this is a private virtual space, where people are anonymous to achieve their goals and find the necessary information for them.

The purpose of "The Dark web"

The aim - to provide the Dark web users with anonymity online with a guarantee of security, where users can virtually interact with each other and not be afraid of the law. The dark web contains forums, blogs informants, the rules of cooperation of some services with other online services, resources, documentation etc.

Positive: if we try to get to know all the subtleties of this web, Dark web acts as a haven of democracy and anti-corruption. Where informants can report corporate and government misconduct to the press, without fear of persecution and the revelation of corrupt practices, which are hidden from the public. In this network, there is complete freedom of speech and information. Dark web is also a place where people from the despotic repressive countries or religions can find like-minded people and even get help. And of course, Dark web is a haven for journalists and people with a very unusual way of life, to communicate on the network without fear of reprisals.

Negative: well, without the doubt, the dark web has its downsides. In fact, it plays the role of the black market, where you can buy or sell anything, any contraband, stolen item or illegally obtained information. Drugs, weapons, stolen credit card numbers, different types of pornography, use money laundering services, and even hire assassins - it's all there available on the Dark web.

How may one work on the dark web? Tips and tricks...

To work in the Dark web you will need to install a special software. To do this, you have to be the pretty experienced user. There are two options: I2P Protocol (Invisible Internet Project) and TOR protocol (The Onion Router). These are two different technologies that make you appear as the anonymous.

TOR is a proxy server system, allowing to establish an anonymous network connection that is protected from monitoring. TOR site uses the domain name .onion. Surfing the dark web is usually faster with TOR.

I2P network is an overlay, stable (node shutdown will not affect the operation of the network) and anonymous network. When data is transferred between network nodes the encryption is used. The speed is inferior to TOR, however, I2P is more resistant to the law enforcement supervision.
In both cases, Dark web operates using complex mathematical encryption to encrypt the identity and location of a network participant. All network traffic jumps from server to server across the globe, making it impossible to track. Messaging is conducted with the help of using the alias, not associated with a real person. Most monetary transactions use bitcoins and escrow services in the third person, in order to protect both buyer and seller against unfair trade.

Dark web or deep web? What is the difference?

Deep web(invisible, hidden web), in the broad sense, is a set of web pages not indexed by search engines. The most common thing is that deep web page is not related to any hyperlinks and thus becomes almost invisible to the naked eye. Another characteristic of the web page is that its content is available only to registered (or those who have passed a special verification) users. As a rule, in order to get to such websites, you should use special web browsers- anonymizer and programs that are adapted to work with closed networks.

What is the point?

While SEO-optimizers are trying to raise their websites in the search query system as high as possible, the owners of the deep web, by contrast, are doing everything to make it possible to hide them securely. It is not difficult to guess, it is about the content, and it is better that this content does not appear in the eyes of law enforcement agencies. You can find services that sell drugs, weapons, passwords, fake passports, databases on the deep web expanses and in general all things that are impossible to buy in your place legally.

There are also services that you may purchase on a deep web, also illegal ones. For example, you can order a hacker attack. A specialist with 20-year-experience, depending on the complexity of the work (there could be conventional DDoS-attacks as well as developed sophisticated Trojans and other malware) will ask for the services at the price starting from 200 euros and more. Deep Wide Web uses many methods of encryption and a large chain of nodes, which is why the speed of opening pages in the deep web is extremely low. Deep websites look quite austere, it is often a simple HTML-page containing plain text, and its whole appearance is reminiscent of the early era of the Internet. It is believed that the level of encryption in the deep web is so high that the secret services will never be able to curb it and bring it to the user account. In practice, it turns out a little differently: many governments have long been struggling with closed networks and achieved some success in this.

At first glance, these two webs are pretty the same but there are some peculiarities about them that make them differ from one another. The main difference between two notions (dark web and deep web) is that deep web is used in the context when the person refers to all the hidden webpages and websites. That is why we may say that the dark web is a constituent part of the deep web! In addition, what is interesting, every webpage may have a staging version on the deep web. Password-protected bits are also located on the deep web.

Aithor’s bio:

Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with essay help websitesfor a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.

Top 5 Tech Trends in Property Management

Recent trends in property management, particularly in residential multi-housing, office and retail, focus on the needs of the customer. State-of-the-art technologies now consist of a variety of helpful tools that people can use to buy property, or at the very least, know more about available amenities and assess a panoramic collage of photos to make an idea of the place. Believe it or not, buying property is now easier than ever. The internet can help people make an informed decision; however, they must also be very careful as what they see online is not always what they get. Here 5 property management tech trends you might want to take account for this year.

1.Greater need for market intelligence and research for residential and commercial properties

Investing in real estate successfully is all about having an offer a prospective buyer (resident or tenant) can’t refuse. We're currently dealing with a boost in tech-based technologies in the real estate market; intelligent tools are starting to be widely used by both realtors and prospective buyers, and the best ones can actually determine whether or not the time to invest is now. For instance, multi-family housing provides access to a broad database of sources and sensible statistical methodologies, including reports that cover the best 100 markets on a national level, as well as additional legal support, exclusive real estate and financial databases targeted particularly at the commercial housing industry.

Proper online research helps investors make decisions that can boost the overall value of their investment. Well-crafted tools help you make smart acquisitions and development choices, but also come up with suitable disposition strategies and efficient operations. The solutions available provide sophisticated and timely support meant to ensure that buyers don't miss out on a great deal. In real estate, advanced technologies help us stay updated with the most profitable market opportunities.

2.Increasing demand for residential tenant screening and exquisite commercial technology systems

By using advanced screening and tenant technology, owners and investors can easily improve profitability via rental payment history, ledger-level integration, rental credit checks, and in-depth criminal background. Residential screening and tenant technology tools can also be used to calculate risk values associated with the score of an aspirant tenant, thus predicting risk. Basically, asking potential tenants an increased deposit helps you stay protected from unforeseen end of lease costs.

Scoring applicants instantly and automatically via advanced technological systems keep investors away from candidates with a low credit score or negative reviews from former proprietors. Tools aimed at residential screening technology are excellent at spotting the best tenants, as well as steering clear of unreliable occupants.

3.Increasing demand for buying property online

There many systems that facilitate the purchase of a residence via the internet. However, in spite of these fully functional platforms, some people still want to buy in person. Recent trends are focused on the needs of the customers in the online environment. How can technology persuade more people to invest in real estate online? Due to vendor credentialing systems, investors and property owners are now able to keep track of property expenses, as well as make sure that approvals are obtained before ordering any other services and goods. Current systems are directly linked to risk management processes meant to guarantee that vendors and suppliers can adhere to regulatory requirements, insurance demands and licensing.

4.Boosting data integration requirements for software specific software and property management applications

The NMHC, in collaboration with MITS, has recently come up with a standard template that allows it to share data. Exchanging data between multi-family software systems are breaking a few barriers only to make sure that the information shared between processes and systems is consistent. The need to come up with customized data each time a new investor attempts to access information using a property management system is diminishing, thus reducing extra costs.

5.Expanded revenue management software

Last but not least, this year we'll witness an expanded usage of property management software; the best program will allow investors to a set up a pricing range based on present and future market conditions in local regions. The technology enables a more systematic and automated approach to determining rent prices. Nevertheless, further research still needs to be conducted on the efficiency of revenue management software programs.

There's n doubt about it - property management software is here to stay. However, as technology improves and becomes more sophisticated, owners and investors must learn to use it right. After all, since most hotel owners adjust their prices based on current economic trends (supply & demand), why shouldn't property owners do the exact same thing? By Denny Averill and!

LG Stylus 2 mobile price and specification in India

LG Stylus 2: Is it worth buying?

South Korean tech giant, LG has launched the new Stylus 2 smartphone model in the ever growing mobile market of India. LG India has said in a company statement on 16th of May that the new Stylus 2 will be available for sale in the market from 18th of May, priced at Rs. 19,500.
The new LG Stylus 2 smartphone was introduced by the global tech giant just prior to the 2016 MWC trade show, after which the model was launched in the company's home market South Korea priced at KRW 396,000 (approximately Rs. 22,000).

This time around the new LG Stylus 2 is claimed to offer a better stylus that comes with new technology consisting of a nano-coated tip which will offer better accuracy while using the stylus as compared against the previous rubber tipped stylus pen that can be found on the LG G4 Stylus. So, here’s another new model in the block for the smartphone aficionados of India. And if you really like the ability to scribble and draw things on your mobile screen with a pen or stylus, then the LG Stylus 2 should be definitely on your mind. This feature is really handy for the creative people as well as amateur artists and also brings about a novelty in the basic usage of a smartphone which is generally restricted to the internet usage or texting. Thus, if you are considering bringing home the new LG Stylus 2 and have a happy time doodling, but are wondering what else the smartphone has on offer, then here’s a brief look at it:

Display & Design

LG Stylus 2 flaunts a large 5.7 inch In-Cell display which comes with 720x1280 pixels of screen resolution. The display is colorful, crisp and sharp and should offer an overall premium smartphone experience.

The Stylus 2 comes in a sleek, stylish, metallic body that looks both smart and elegant. The mobile phone measures 155 mm x 79.6 mm x 7.4 mm and weighs at 145 gms. The Stylus 2 is presently listed on the official LG website to be available in the color choices of Brown and Titan. The smartphone looks quite premium being a mid-ranger and should attract those who like a neat and clean finish in their gadgets without added flamboyance.

Hardware & Software

The LG Stylus 2 comes powered by a quad-core Snapdragon chipset that has been clocked at 1.2 GHz of speed. The processor gets the support of 2 GB of RAM. The specs are pretty basic for a premium mid-ranged phone and it is not expected to offer great performance, although regular usage should be smooth and overall hassle free.

The smartphone offers 16 GB of onboard memory and the company is offering the flexibility of further expanding the storage via microSD card.

The LG Stylus 2 runs on the latest Android Operating System version 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box and the stock OS is topped with LG’s UI 5.0 skin.

Camera, Connectivity & Battery

The LG Stylus 2 smartphone comes with a 13 MP primary camera at its rear along with CMOS sensor, LED flash, autofocus, and other camera features such as touch focus, face detection, Geo-tagging, panorama, HDR, etc. For selfies and video chats, the handset packs in an 8 MP secondary front facing snapper.

One of the primary draw points of the Stylus 2 is that it not only comes with the connectivity of 4G LTE, but also voice over LTE (VoLTE). It also offers other standard connectivity options such as dual SIM support with two Micro SIM slots, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro-USB.

The smartphone draws its juice from a 3000 mAh removable battery pack which should offer decent all day long moderate usage of the phone on a single charge.

Stylus & Other Features

The LG Stylus 2’s primary attraction is of course, its stylus. The new smartphone comes with a 107 mm very slim and sleek pen with a semi-soft rounded tip that the company says is nano-coated for enhanced accuracy, and it can jot down notes swiftly and glide easily if you are drawing something.

The LG Stylus 2 features Pen Pop which offers a popup menu to several apps, when the stylus is taken out of its slot and shows shortcuts to other features. There is another very important feature called the Pen Keeper that notifies you about an empty stylus bay.
Once you take out the stylus, the smartphone automatically launches the Pen Pop overlay to offer a quick access to many applications such as Pop Memo, Pop Scanner Capture+ and QuickMemo+. The Pop Memo and the QuickMemo+ are essentially note taking apps that lets the user note quick reminders.

Capture+ lets you take an image of the screen and works like your computer’s print-screen option, while also allowing you to make notes on it. On the other hand, Pop Scanner, does not need the stylus and it primarily straightens images of stuff such as presentations that have been snapped from an angle and looks unaligned. Once you launch the app it will automatically open the camera, and then the app automatically detects what all needs to be aligned or straightened properly after you have taken a snap.

Using the stylus to make changes on a cropped image is a whole lot easier than doing the same using your fingers. While it may seem to be very small thing, it is handy after all. Then there is the convenience of writing or doodling the way you want, as it gives immense please to someone who loves to use a pencil or pen even to write small notes rather than typing them on the mobile’s keyboard.


The LG Stylus 2 is a capable new smartphone which offers the convenience of a precise stylus. You can find more details on it on 91mobiles. 91mobiles also lets you compare the phone with other similar phones. The new LG Stylus 2 is a mid-ranged smartphone that costs just under the 20k slab, but it does not offer impressive specs. Its display, design, hardware, camera specs are all standard that many other models offer at much lesser price range. Now, it depends on the users whether they wish to invest on the LG Stylus 2, just for its improved stylus and related features in order to have a great doodle time.

How to Recover Files Deleted by Windows Update

Windows Updates are necessary, even though the big operating system updates come once in a few years, there are little updates too that make sure your system is always running with the latest OS. Now, if you have not deactivated automatic updates option then chances are your Windows system downloads updates automatically on your system, and when you restart your system, these updates get installed.
Windows 10 was a major update by Microsoft, and users were mostly excited about it because the company was offering a free update of Windows 10 for all the users that were using a genuine version of Windows 8 and 8.1. With nothing holding them back anymore, a lot of users downloaded Windows 10 instantly. In fact, Microsoft reported that Windows 10 has been downloaded to over 200 million devices by January 2016.

While the new update brought a new revolution with it, some things remained the same, including Windows errors. There has been a common issue faced by users while updating to Windows 7, 8 and even 10 – the update deletes some necessary files on the system which it is not supposed to.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to retire desktop gadgets, inbuilt games, and Windows Media Centre. This means that a lot of your files will be lost when you update. But, Microsoft does claim to save all your personal files. Of course, creating a backup before updating your system is the ideal scenario but in most of the cases, we forget to do so.

How Does Data Get Lost While Updating Windows?

Windows updates fix security issues, glitches in the last updates and improve the system’s performance as a whole. These updates also help in fixing errors in the programs installed on the system. The general, timely updates we discussed above are not necessary, but they are useful if you want to keep your system error free and bug-free in the long run.

Activating Automatic updates means, Windows handles all the update process in the background. So when new updates are available, your system will automatically download it. And the next time you switch on your system, the updates will start installing. But there are some downsides to this option as well. Updates being installed in the background can slow down your internet speed and hinder your work, at the same time, if there is some problem during the update process, then it can lead to data loss on your system. Most common reason for this is a power failure.

The update process can also stop if the system stops working or completely freezes. If your system is stuck on the update screen, try restarting the system and see if it works. If it still doesn’t, reboot the system into safe mode, if it works then restore your operating system to a previous state.

How to Recover Lost Data After Windows Update

There are several ways to do lost partition recovery, but they do not always guarantee success. We would recommend following these steps in the order given below. If none of them work, the best option will be to use a reliable third party software to recover all your lost data.

Check Recycle Bin --- Probably the first place you should check for lost or deleted content, and yet, we somehow completely forget about it. Check the recycle bin thoroughly for your lost data files before you go on with the next series of steps.

Check Temp Folders-- Sometimes, Windows pushes out files into temp folders if it deems them unnecessary. It's important to go through each temp folder individually because searching files by name won't work since Windows also changes the file name when it moves them to temp folder. It’s can be a very time-consuming process; we would only recommend you to do that if you have a lot of time on your hands.

Run a Search--- Do a direct search for your files with their filenames. Chances are – if you find one file, the other files would be located at the same place as well.

If none of these above methods help in recovery your files, you should use a reliable third party software like Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software--- This is an efficient software, available for all versions of Windows, which can recover lost and deleted files. You can select the deleted file recovery option in the software and start recovering your files.

Here are some of the notable features of the software: 1.Recover more than 300 file types

2.Can scan over 2 TB of data in one go

3.Recovers files from NTFS, FAT and ExFAT file systems

4.Supports Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Once you have downloaded and installed the tool on your system, start it and select the Drive Recovery option from the data recovery tab. Now, select your main drive for scanning and if you are looking for specific file types then you can mention that as well in the advanced settings tab.

There are two types of recovery options available in the software – Quick and Advanced recovery. While quick recovery takes less time, advanced recovery is guaranteed to recover lost partition from your system. Once the software is done scanning through your drive, it will list down all the recoverable files. This step is very helpful since you do not have to save all the recovered files and then search the required files.

With this, you can search for recoverable file right from the software. Once you have searched and selected files that need recovery, you can save them to your hard drive.

In Summary

Windows Update is necessary no matter what version of Windows you use. We would recommend deactivating the automatic updates option. You can choose to get notified whenever there is a new update available. This way, you can supervise all the Windows updates. And if there is ever a data loss situation, you can rely on Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software to recover all your data

5 Best android Movie apps

5 Best android Movie apps The android technology has been of great advantage to movie lovers who before these apps came into existence could not readily access the various movies they wanted. Android phones have made it possible through the apps that accompany them for people to download and watch movies right at the comfort of their phones.The apps below are among those considered to be the best.

1.IMDb Movies app

This is an app that has come to be very popular among movie lovers. It is a user friendly app that enables you to log into it and manage your movies watch list and as you do this you get to see and add any reviews about the movies. In the early days it was the best app for free movie downloads for android but now downloading is not possible. It is a free app developed by the IMDb group that not only enables you to watch movies from your phone but also get to watch your TV programs.

2. The Series Guide app

These app is one of the best apps with the loveliest interface. It is generally designed to look gorgeous on your android phone. Besides it having a great interface, it enables you to have access to greater number of movies due to the fact that its movies are regularly updated to ensure that you are kept to date with the latest in the movies world. It ensure that all your series movies are well arranged to help you access them easily without having to browse through many folders.

3. Viki free app

This is a free app designed by the Koreans mostly for their material, it is however not limited to usage from within South Korea only. Although most of its content is Korean, it comes with the subtitle feature which enables you to use the English subtitle for you to understand the content. It comes with a great interface and also a very effective search engine feature that enables you to search your movies content based on the movies’ origin country and also the movie type.This app gives you a variety of options to download movies on your android mobiles

4. Plex app for android

This app serves as a media store for not only the local content but also the available online content. This app enables its users to stream live any movie that they would wish to watch through their android phones. Apart from streaming live it enables you to download them for future watching. It is a user friendly app that will only cost you $ 4.99 for you to start enjoying its great features.

5. Movie Mate Pro app

This is among the best android apps as its movies are presented as tabs of coming soon, DVD releases and box office and therefore gives you the chance to choose which tab suites you best. This app is widely used since it enables you, the user to search for movies released recently and also those that were released years ago. This app also has a movie ratings feature that helps you get to watch the movie with the best ratings. Regardless of this app having all those great feature, it will only cost you $1.99, so better purchase it and experience this amazing experience.

New Latest Bluetooth Speakers

Latest Bluetooth Speakers, Which are Going to Change the Way You Listen Music

Electronic companies and expert engineers are in a quest of improving functionality of electronic devices. Smart phones, watches, television and speakers, all of these devices are not the same as they used to be before a decade. Internet connectivity and Bluetooth technology has become two essential things in every electronic product now. Just like other cutting-edge electronic products, the wireless speakers are also going through some big changes.

Amazon has amazed the world by producing Echo, which is a Bluetooth speaker that operates on voice commands. You can call it the best wireless speaker of our age because it can also perform home automation operations and play high-quality music simultaneously. It is just an example of what you are going to see the next in a few years. Bluetooth speakers will gain more features and become more useful for us. There are a few more companies, who have tried to improve their Bluetooth speakers and offer highly functional Bluetooth speakers to play music. So, let’s take a view of the best portable devices available to play music.

Sound Blast Roar2:

The original Sound Blast Roar had amazed the world by its low price and cutting-edge features. Creative had gained huge profit by its flagship wireless speaker and now it has launched Sound Blast Roar2. It is probably one of the best Bluetooth Speakers launched in 2016. Again low price and pioneering features make it the best pick of the year. It uses Bluetooth connectivity and offers plenty of other wireless speaker features to improve your experience. The sound quality is simply awesome and you can also charge your Smartphone through this amazing speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini2

It looks quite small in size, but SoundLink Mini2 is surprisingly better than many other Bluetooth speakers. It has excellent sound quality and probably better than the first installment of SoundLink Mini. The original SoundLink Mini has only 7 hours battery backup, while SoundLink Mini2 can play music up to ten hours. You can quickly charge it through the micro-USB cable and its small size makes it the best choice to carry in bags.

JBL Flip3

Of-course, Bose SoundLink Mini2 can draw any buyer towards its small size and quality features, but many buyers may step back from purchasing it because of its expensive price. Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy same type’s wireless speaker at affordable prices. The JBL Flip3 is a perfect alternative of Bose SoundLink3. The previous version of this speaker (Flip2) was offering only 5 hours’ battery backup, which is now increased to 10 hours. It is waterproof, easily portable and it is quite loud. You can listen the music among 50 feet’s range by playing music on this amazing Bluetooth Speaker.

CB3 Ultra Slim:

Aluminum-body, ultra slim design and powerful buttons, these are few things which you get when you buy CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth speaker. It is the latest wireless speaker developed and launched by a brand new company in the market. It seems like a TV remote that you can pick and carry anywhere you want. It can play loud music, work longer once fully charged and it is purchasable at quite reasonable prices.

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Top Six Reasons Why People Buy the Latest Mobile Phones

Evolution in technology is amazing, thanks to big tech nerds like Google, Techno, and Samsung. Communication has also improved. Although people buy smartphones to make calls and write text messages, the new generation has turned smartphones from a boring device to the most commonly used device on the planet. Let’s see the top six reasons why people buy the latest smartphones besides making calls and sending text messages.

Mobile games

There is no doubt that mobile games appeal to both the young and the not so young. Earlier phones have simple games that may not sustain your interest. However, the latest games have overwhelming games that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the evening. Favorite games include Temple Run and card games such as Solitaire. Mobile phones have become the center of people’s entertainment systems. With a real cell phone, you won’t need any more gaming hardware such as the PlayStations.

The Internet on the go

Nothing thrills people more than mobile internet. The latest phones offer the best web browsing experiences, aided by the improved mobile broadband. You can access your emails, keep in touch with peers on social media and even work from home. Moreover, you can do business on your mobile phone as you go on with your daily activities. The ever-expanding platforms of e-Commerce will make it even more necessary for people to arm themselves with latest phones. It may not be possible to move around with your laptop, but phones are more convenient and easier to carry.

Improved security features

A major point of concern for mobile phone users and manufacturers has been the safety of both the devices and the information they contain. Latest phones can be tracked wirelessly and; therefore, stand a higher chance of being recovered than traditional phones. One can also cause the phone to brick remotely if all recovery options have failed; the phone in question becomes useless to thieves. Consequently, you will have to ditch your old device for a new one with much better security features. I recommend you to go through an article written by Couponmachine on mobile phones with longest battery life.

Bigger displays

A significant feature of modern mobile phones is their larger displays. Large displays make it possible to multi-task as well as perform other activities such as watching videos. Older phones have smaller displays with poor resolutions. Modern phone manufacturers have even gone a step further to turn phone displays into full HD. The norm of the day currently is to see people on the streets brandishing phones with huge screens.

Enormous storage capacity

The challenge people faced with old school phones was the problem of limited storage. You could not install many apps on such a phone because it would easily run out of internal storage. Storage is no longer a problem because modern smartphones have almost limitless storage capacities. It won’t be easy to fill up 64 GB of space with apps and other media. The latest phones also feature extended storage via SD cards and which can be as large as 128 GB.

Snapping away

You no longer need a digital camera nowadays because digital smartphones have inbuilt digital cameras. In fact, some phones have better cameras than conventional snappers. GSM Arena avers that people love to take photos wherever they go and that an average person may take at least one photo per day. The desire for better pictures is what drives people into buying the latest mobile devices.

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Why Social Media Dangerous For Kids

Due to growing crimes on social media, TheOneSpy conducted a detailed research on social media apps, their use associated with teens, severe impacts and the ultimate crimes and the data show that teens are being affected badly. Every third teenager is addicted to social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Tumbler and other hook-up apps and websites. The teens are not much aware of the dangers present in such sites and apps, but parents can help them out by educating their teens and putting forward the practical methods on how to use a social media app safely. The monitoring apps give lots of help in letting parents have better control over their children and protect them from these applications.

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WhatsApp spying application free

Spoofing isn’t your thing? An affordable WhatsApp spying app is the solution then

We must agree—technologically is getting expensive day by day and not everyone gets a hefty increment on their salary. Having said that, I can name tons of gadgets and apps that are charging hundreds of dollars. BUT—there is a silver lining to all of this. Not every piece of tech is out of range, if you are ready to do a little compromise. Get a mid-range smartphone; don’t go for an iPad Pro; stick to moderate features, and tadah! You have saved yourself a lot of money.

Moving onto mobile apps market in particular,It’s growing like a wildfire. The global mobile app revenue is expected to grow by 2.2 times, for next 5 years, reaching a blistering value of $79billion. Where is this money all coming from? Well, we are paying for using all those premium apps and games.

And now, coming down to spoofing, it’s a technique that’s used for various reasons—you spoof your Xbox to run pirated discs, and you also spoof others’ mac address to spy on their WhatsApp, Viber, etc.People who don’t like to spend even a dime on spying, resort to this quirky method. But sadly, technologically challenged people like us know a little about these techniques. So why don’t we simply go for an affordable WhatsApp spying app, if we don’t know the drills of spoofing?

What are WhatsApp spying apps?

Spying apps are remote tools that people can use to monitor others’ cell phone. These apps, are manually installed onto a smartphone so they won’t have to breach through any security protocols. The spy app resides secretly on a cell phone and uploads data onto a server. Users of these spying apps can access smartphone activity of the targets by using online control panels(that’s what they are called most of the time).

There are a few hacks to save some dollars on your paid subscriptions of mobile spying apps, and we want to make sure you get to them.

1. Search for it

To getan affordable spying app, you have to look for it. There are many affordable WhatsApp spying appsand giving your rusty Googling skills can help you find one. Your first priority should be to check if the spy app is offering WhatsApp on their features list. Then, check what WhatsApp logs’ monitoring they are offering. You should be able to monitor call logs, chats, group chats and multimedia of all kind. Look for these prerequisites for every app that you come across, before moving onto the price.

2. Compare plans

Don’t fall for the tricky marketing techniques. Tagline like “Starts as low as $xx/month” will pop up in front of your eyes too often. What you need to do is to first decide the duration of your spying. If you are planning for a whole year, compare yearly plans. If it’s less than that, go for a quarter, and if you just want to give it a try, get an app that has the cheapest monthly packages.

Remember, these spying apps aren’t dedicated WhatsApp spying apps. Don’t forget to go through the complete set of features—it may help you spy on other important phone logs too.

free online & offline PDF to Image Converters

Practical Comparison between online & offline PDF to Image Converters

If your question is whether you can convert PDF to JPG or Word for free, then the answer to this is Absolutely Yes! You can either have a converter online which helps you in conversions or you can download an offline one for your everyday use. Editing everyday can include not just your college projects but also some files if you are a business owner. Retyping the complete content in the pdf file into a word documents can be cumbersome and also very time consuming. For this having the best converters with the right tools will be very essential.

You can easily start looking out on the web for such tools and converters which can help you in making your pdf to JPG conversion easy. You can use for your tasks sand get all the stuff done in just a few minutes. Most of the online conversions software’s offer you with too many different features which may be important while making any conversion. The basic is that they offer conversion of all types of files and documents. You can be assured of easy and secure online conversion once you have uploaded the file properly.

As these software’s like Small pdf and many others run on the Internet. You can be sure that they will work well on any browser you choose. Though these online software’s are very engaging and helpful its offline counterparts are equally resourceful. You can be ensured of proper and good quality conversions and accurate formatting when you start to use these. All major images and files will be converted into your selected format in just one click. There are also many other advantages which you can get when you have this software downloaded on to your computer system. Offline pdf to jpg converters like are widely used because these are independent of the Internet and offer you a highly secure and convenient mode of pdf to JPG conversion.

Get High Quality Conversions Offline

Soft Solutions pdf2img solution is also more sophisticated as you can get high quality conversions. Though it can be all dependent on the quality and length of the document you can still be assured of the best here. When you have this desktop based offline converter the best benefit which you can avail is, not wanting to use the Internet all the time.

Dependency on Internet Connection

Having access to the internet is sometimes not possible so once you have easy access to pdf to image conversion software, on your desktop, projects become easy to accomplish. You will not just save on your Internet costs but can also save your data pack for other important downloads or browsing. It will just be a matter of some minutes and you can get all the conversions easily done well in time. You will only have to incur a onetime downloading time and the rest of the conversions will be free.

Unlimited Conversions

Many of the online software solutions offering pdf to image conversion will offer free services but they may start charging a minimal amount after a few conversions. There are also guaranteed chances of them offering only a restricted number of conversions in one day. In all such cases the difficulty level rises and you facing problems in business because of the same will also be high.

Time Lags

The desktop app which is now available will involve not having to wait for uploading the next file when one of them is in process of conversion. It uses a secure connection and therefore you can also upload all your personal and most important files also. It is one comfortable method which offers easy access to every tool required for pdf to image conversion. When you do not know how to use these offline desktop apps you can take a look at the Youtube videos available.

YouTube: Some benefits which you can be sure of when you download an offline pdf to JPG converter are as mentioned:

• Can choose between black and white and color image format • Convert a number of files at the same time • Easily select the resolution of the image file • The output folder for saving the converted file can be selected • Easy conversion of password protected files • In one click can convert pdf to jpg, gif, tif, bmp etc.

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