Top Six Reasons Why People Buy the Latest Mobile Phones

Evolution in technology is amazing, thanks to big tech nerds like Google, Techno, and Samsung. Communication has also improved. Although people buy smartphones to make calls and write text messages, the new generation has turned smartphones from a boring device to the most commonly used device on the planet. Let’s see the top six reasons why people buy the latest smartphones besides making calls and sending text messages.

Mobile games

There is no doubt that mobile games appeal to both the young and the not so young. Earlier phones have simple games that may not sustain your interest. However, the latest games have overwhelming games that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the evening. Favorite games include Temple Run and card games such as Solitaire. Mobile phones have become the center of people’s entertainment systems. With a real cell phone, you won’t need any more gaming hardware such as the PlayStations.

The Internet on the go

Nothing thrills people more than mobile internet. The latest phones offer the best web browsing experiences, aided by the improved mobile broadband. You can access your emails, keep in touch with peers on social media and even work from home. Moreover, you can do business on your mobile phone as you go on with your daily activities. The ever-expanding platforms of e-Commerce will make it even more necessary for people to arm themselves with latest phones. It may not be possible to move around with your laptop, but phones are more convenient and easier to carry.

Improved security features

A major point of concern for mobile phone users and manufacturers has been the safety of both the devices and the information they contain. Latest phones can be tracked wirelessly and; therefore, stand a higher chance of being recovered than traditional phones. One can also cause the phone to brick remotely if all recovery options have failed; the phone in question becomes useless to thieves. Consequently, you will have to ditch your old device for a new one with much better security features. I recommend you to go through an article written by Couponmachine on mobile phones with longest battery life.

Bigger displays

A significant feature of modern mobile phones is their larger displays. Large displays make it possible to multi-task as well as perform other activities such as watching videos. Older phones have smaller displays with poor resolutions. Modern phone manufacturers have even gone a step further to turn phone displays into full HD. The norm of the day currently is to see people on the streets brandishing phones with huge screens.

Enormous storage capacity

The challenge people faced with old school phones was the problem of limited storage. You could not install many apps on such a phone because it would easily run out of internal storage. Storage is no longer a problem because modern smartphones have almost limitless storage capacities. It won’t be easy to fill up 64 GB of space with apps and other media. The latest phones also feature extended storage via SD cards and which can be as large as 128 GB.

Snapping away

You no longer need a digital camera nowadays because digital smartphones have inbuilt digital cameras. In fact, some phones have better cameras than conventional snappers. GSM Arena avers that people love to take photos wherever they go and that an average person may take at least one photo per day. The desire for better pictures is what drives people into buying the latest mobile devices.

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Why Social Media Dangerous For Kids

Due to growing crimes on social media, TheOneSpy conducted a detailed research on social media apps, their use associated with teens, severe impacts and the ultimate crimes and the data show that teens are being affected badly. Every third teenager is addicted to social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Tumbler and other hook-up apps and websites. The teens are not much aware of the dangers present in such sites and apps, but parents can help them out by educating their teens and putting forward the practical methods on how to use a social media app safely. The monitoring apps give lots of help in letting parents have better control over their children and protect them from these applications.

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Bella is tech geek as well as a Content manager and Social Media enthusiastic. She is extremely passionate and result driven professional. She writes for TheOneSpyblog. Follow her on twitter @bellaryan8901

WhatsApp spying application free

Spoofing isn’t your thing? An affordable WhatsApp spying app is the solution then

We must agree—technologically is getting expensive day by day and not everyone gets a hefty increment on their salary. Having said that, I can name tons of gadgets and apps that are charging hundreds of dollars. BUT—there is a silver lining to all of this. Not every piece of tech is out of range, if you are ready to do a little compromise. Get a mid-range smartphone; don’t go for an iPad Pro; stick to moderate features, and tadah! You have saved yourself a lot of money.

Moving onto mobile apps market in particular,It’s growing like a wildfire. The global mobile app revenue is expected to grow by 2.2 times, for next 5 years, reaching a blistering value of $79billion. Where is this money all coming from? Well, we are paying for using all those premium apps and games.

And now, coming down to spoofing, it’s a technique that’s used for various reasons—you spoof your Xbox to run pirated discs, and you also spoof others’ mac address to spy on their WhatsApp, Viber, etc.People who don’t like to spend even a dime on spying, resort to this quirky method. But sadly, technologically challenged people like us know a little about these techniques. So why don’t we simply go for an affordable WhatsApp spying app, if we don’t know the drills of spoofing?

What are WhatsApp spying apps?

Spying apps are remote tools that people can use to monitor others’ cell phone. These apps, are manually installed onto a smartphone so they won’t have to breach through any security protocols. The spy app resides secretly on a cell phone and uploads data onto a server. Users of these spying apps can access smartphone activity of the targets by using online control panels(that’s what they are called most of the time).

There are a few hacks to save some dollars on your paid subscriptions of mobile spying apps, and we want to make sure you get to them.

1. Search for it

To getan affordable spying app, you have to look for it. There are many affordable WhatsApp spying appsand giving your rusty Googling skills can help you find one. Your first priority should be to check if the spy app is offering WhatsApp on their features list. Then, check what WhatsApp logs’ monitoring they are offering. You should be able to monitor call logs, chats, group chats and multimedia of all kind. Look for these prerequisites for every app that you come across, before moving onto the price.

2. Compare plans

Don’t fall for the tricky marketing techniques. Tagline like “Starts as low as $xx/month” will pop up in front of your eyes too often. What you need to do is to first decide the duration of your spying. If you are planning for a whole year, compare yearly plans. If it’s less than that, go for a quarter, and if you just want to give it a try, get an app that has the cheapest monthly packages.

Remember, these spying apps aren’t dedicated WhatsApp spying apps. Don’t forget to go through the complete set of features—it may help you spy on other important phone logs too.

free online & offline PDF to Image Converters

Practical Comparison between online & offline PDF to Image Converters

If your question is whether you can convert PDF to JPG or Word for free, then the answer to this is Absolutely Yes! You can either have a converter online which helps you in conversions or you can download an offline one for your everyday use. Editing everyday can include not just your college projects but also some files if you are a business owner. Retyping the complete content in the pdf file into a word documents can be cumbersome and also very time consuming. For this having the best converters with the right tools will be very essential.

You can easily start looking out on the web for such tools and converters which can help you in making your pdf to JPG conversion easy. You can use for your tasks sand get all the stuff done in just a few minutes. Most of the online conversions software’s offer you with too many different features which may be important while making any conversion. The basic is that they offer conversion of all types of files and documents. You can be assured of easy and secure online conversion once you have uploaded the file properly.

As these software’s like Small pdf and many others run on the Internet. You can be sure that they will work well on any browser you choose. Though these online software’s are very engaging and helpful its offline counterparts are equally resourceful. You can be ensured of proper and good quality conversions and accurate formatting when you start to use these. All major images and files will be converted into your selected format in just one click. There are also many other advantages which you can get when you have this software downloaded on to your computer system. Offline pdf to jpg converters like are widely used because these are independent of the Internet and offer you a highly secure and convenient mode of pdf to JPG conversion.

Get High Quality Conversions Offline

Soft Solutions pdf2img solution is also more sophisticated as you can get high quality conversions. Though it can be all dependent on the quality and length of the document you can still be assured of the best here. When you have this desktop based offline converter the best benefit which you can avail is, not wanting to use the Internet all the time.

Dependency on Internet Connection

Having access to the internet is sometimes not possible so once you have easy access to pdf to image conversion software, on your desktop, projects become easy to accomplish. You will not just save on your Internet costs but can also save your data pack for other important downloads or browsing. It will just be a matter of some minutes and you can get all the conversions easily done well in time. You will only have to incur a onetime downloading time and the rest of the conversions will be free.

Unlimited Conversions

Many of the online software solutions offering pdf to image conversion will offer free services but they may start charging a minimal amount after a few conversions. There are also guaranteed chances of them offering only a restricted number of conversions in one day. In all such cases the difficulty level rises and you facing problems in business because of the same will also be high.

Time Lags

The desktop app which is now available will involve not having to wait for uploading the next file when one of them is in process of conversion. It uses a secure connection and therefore you can also upload all your personal and most important files also. It is one comfortable method which offers easy access to every tool required for pdf to image conversion. When you do not know how to use these offline desktop apps you can take a look at the Youtube videos available.

YouTube: Some benefits which you can be sure of when you download an offline pdf to JPG converter are as mentioned:

• Can choose between black and white and color image format • Convert a number of files at the same time • Easily select the resolution of the image file • The output folder for saving the converted file can be selected • Easy conversion of password protected files • In one click can convert pdf to jpg, gif, tif, bmp etc.

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Free Jpg To Word Converter Software

Tips To Do A JPG To Word Conversion

Quite often, we meet situations that require us to extract text from a file. But we get dismayed when we realize that such files are in an image and not in a Word format, and can therefore not have material copied and pasted out of them. We are then left with very few choices; type out everything we want to extract from the image file, or convert the file to a Word document.

The second option is no doubt the better one given that we quite often will not want to go through the stress of typing out everything we need from the image file. This is particularly true if the material we want to extract is voluminous. How then do we convert an image file to a Word document? There are two simple ways to go about it; do it directly online, or download a converter. If you are going to do it directly online, this is what you should do--

1. Visit There, you will be able to do a direct online conversion free of charge.

2. Select the image file you want to be converted. You can also scan it from a scanner connected to your computer.

3. Choose a language for the text file to be converted.

4. Choose the format you want the image to be converted to (the output format). This should naturally be Word (Doc)

5. Key in the captcha that appears below the page, and click the “Convert” button.

6. When the conversion is completed, download the file and enjoy!!!

If you would rather download the software, then follow these steps.

1. Go to
or and download this amazing software. This is what you get when you install and run it.

2. Select the JPG file you want to convert or scan a document for conversion.

3. Choose your output format. Your option should be Word (Doc).
4. Select a language from the drop down menu under Language.

5. Tick the “Auto Rotate” and “Auto Skew” boxes so that the rotation and skew of the jpg file is corrected.

6. Click “Save” the button.

Note that in order to have more accurate results, you need to have high quality images. This is particularly important because poor quality image files could cause the system to misread certain parts of the document. If this happens, the converted word document could have minor errors in them.


Best Health Application , Therapy Application

MyTherapy - A new era in managing health

Digital health is a booming industry, but do services live up to their purposeful expectations? That’s the challenge MyTherapy the medications reminders app addresses. By simplifying medications and treatment plans into a simple to-do list, managing health has never come easier, right in the palm of your hand. MyTherapy is a leading medicationsreminders appthat also combinesreminders with prompts for health activities as well asvitals tracking, for example blood glucose levels particularly important among diabetics. What’s innovative about MyTherapy is that it compiles given health datainto a simple yet comprehensive health journal, while at the same timeorganisingup-coming health tasks. It also when optedreports monthly progressand isprintable, perfectforsharing with your doctor or healthcare provider. Users simply scan the barcode on their medications package to keep track and set up specific times and dosages indicated by their doctors, appropriate for the simplest to even the most complex treatment regimes. The app also has the integrated family support feature, Team, a highly valued factor in helping maximise medications adherence. Family members and friends can monitor their loved-one’s adherence to their medications
and remind them when needed. With a joint taskforce between medical doctors and of course patients, MyTherapy has taken digital health standards to another level. Driven predominantly by user experience and extensive user testing, MyTherapy raises the bar in digital health by further engaging in medical research. As a result of integrated research, the reminders apphas demonstrated improvement of medications adherence among patients as well as improvement in overall health and well-being.With an extensive drug database, covering both prescription and non-prescription medicines, MyTherapy is changing the way the app service helps people maximise their health and to stay on top.
More importantly, MyTherapy prides itself in protecting the data of its users by conforming to strict German privacy laws, underlining heavily that private user data will not be handed over to third parties.Furthermore, no registration is required for the use of this free and effective app– one simply logsin with an email address and can begin to manage their health. MyTherapy is an award winning app that has helped thousands of patients stay on track with their medications and is available for free download on both Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Best Business Intelligence Software for 2016

Business intelligence (BI) is a term used for applications used to transfer data into useful and meaningful information which can propel business and help it make better decisions. Business intelligence software is used to pull information from internal data rather than the outside sources. There is literally thousands of business intelligence software on the market right now, and the competition among them is fierce. Each of them is trying to stand out by adding something new, which makes it very difficult for us when it comes to choosing the best BI to work with. Yet, some do stay ahead of others and here is a list of BI software which will dominate the rest of 2016.


If you are a business owner looking to maximize the performance of your business, than Chartio is the right business intelligence software for you. The system is very easy to use, with a simple ‘drag and drop’ chart creation. This allows every business to easily create charts in order to map out necessary data. Chartio also offers several different graphs, each presenting data in its own way. The software works within the boundaries of the given data source, and there are literally no limits to what it can accomplish. Connect data easily from multiple sources with only a few clicks, and see your business flourish.

Exago Software

Contrary to Chartio, Egaxo Software is a bit different in terms of its usage. Namely, Exago is also Business intelligence software; however it is used to find unique balance of operational and ad hoc reporting, dashboards, and interactive data visualization. The most important thing is that Exago is created for non-technical business users, which makes it versatile and available for everyone. Exago is downloaded and installed on host application servers, sitting behind host application firewalls, which means that no additional plug-ins or downloads are required. Using Exago is highly recommended, especially if you are not the best with tech and are new to this.


With Pentaho all your data charts are giving more information than any other BI software. It helps industries make data-driven decisions. Pentaho comes with a platform that is created for data integration and analytics. All of the big data integration is included, along with great visualization, interactive dashboards, reports of missing data and future predicting. With Pentaho, you can find, manage and combine data from more than one source at the time. It offers interactive business analytic tools, and it is definitely something worth getting.

Panorama Necto

This business intelligence software is both incredibly well designed and easy to use. It is so far Panorama’s greatest BI, created solely for increasing business benefits and improving the way business is being conducted. Its visualization is unique and the dashboards have the latest design. The software itself uses collaborative sources and actions are based on suggestions to optimize performances. It connects easily to multiple data sources, and is able to model them without any coding. You will receive real life notifications 24/7 and you will be able to keep an eye on everything you or your coworkers do.


Nominated for the best “data analytics’ startup, Looker has been getting top sales ever since. It is modern business intelligence with an advanced platform created for data exploration and analyzing. It is developed for intuitive use by anyone who knows how to operate a web browser. It works on any device, and it has a team of active developers who keep adding new updates occasionally. With Looker, you can make the most out of your data analysis and make data-driven decisions. Dashboards are fully customizable and easy to create with graphs and reports included. Looker offers a free trial which will give all the potential users an insight into what they could achieve with a full version of the software and an access to the support team which will answer all your potential questions.

Listed Business intelligences are at the top of their league, each giving a little bit extra to distinguish them from the rest. If you end up using any of them, know that your business will be in safe hands in terms of data usage and analysis.

Tips from pros on using the internet to help you buy a home

Many of us today believe that using housing agents to buy a property is just an unreasonable waste of money and time. Apparently, this craft will soon become ancient because the modern trade, including real estate market, has been replaced by online trading. And here is the first snag. Professional agents and large companies are not fools. The housing range generated online by private customers mainly contains only a part of actually existing property base. Remaining individual offers are stored in agencies' databases.
For such customers, it is easier to pay a tidy sum to the company, and then wait until it would sell the house. That is until the agent finds a buyer. Therefore, if you are ready to monitor all the boards, day and night, as well as to register in the appropriate forums and websites, you have real chances of making the big bucks into this industry. Learn from your mistakes, but also learn from the experience of skilled pros out there if your goal is to invest in real estate without wasting cash.

Getting the right start

Define the limits of what is permitted. Real estate investing online is all about choosing the most reliable and popular resources with constantly updated and moderated information. The internet is about to become your working area. You are exploring all the possibilities of the websites and their rules. This may be the most popular bulletin board, which is heard everywhere or another web-based tool. Speaking of the latter, it is not necessary to eliminate the professional advice. The key is to eliminate the middle-man (because realtors ask for commissions, and find a way to seek guidance on official blogs (which are usually free of any charge).

Individual approach and professional help

The most successful option when using the internet to buy a home is to combine professional help from people with information from online sources. Thus, in the shortest possible time, you can find real housing options with real and reliable sellers. In such an arrangement, the site/app will provide all necessary information on housing, its location, planning, engineering networks building, its condition, and so on.

The real estate consultant, for his part, can narrow your search and weed out the frauds or suspicious offers. By the way, such consultants are available in online chats and the cost of their services is much cheaper than real estate agents' fees. Their trump card is that they have their own database houses.

Use app to help you find the best property

We live in a world of advanced technology where it’s vital to stay connected to the internet 24/7. When it comes to buying a home, the most tedious process is the search. Fortunately, there are many useful apps that can come in handy. Among some of the best, we should mention:

• Realtor – even though most listings are posted by agents, this app is incredibly accurate. Use it as an exploration guide, and have a closer look at available properties. Refine your search, get to know the area a bit better, and check other means to find the owner if you don’t want to buy from a realtor.

• Padmapper – this app is excellent for those looking to buy/rent an apartment. It comes with lots of filters to help you narrow your search and make a sensible decision.

• Trulia – Trulia comes with a crystal-clear, smooth interface. It lacks the features of Padmapper, but it’s an excellent tool for listings.

Why should you use the internet to buy a home?

For starters, checking for homes online is free. Most website listings don’t charge for viewing. Among several other benefits, we should mention:

• Detailed introduction to the market from the inside. You do analyze all the characteristics of future housing individually. You have a complete picture of the actual prices, available options, and the parameter of price / quality of the houses

• Convenient search results localization. Choosing a house in a particular city online, you can fine-tune your search filters down to the district and even the number of floors of the building, construction material type, belonging to a particular part of the city, etc.

• Even if the information on the website is not enough, you can always contact the property owner and discuss all the points of interest in a personal meeting.
Using the internet to buy a home can be incredibly easy. The web can be a very valuable tool, meaning that it can help you make more rational choices. If you love a certain house but are uncertain whether to buy or not, go online to check the neighborhood. Assess its location and get a local feel of the place. Furthermore, you can always dig deeper in an attempt to find that one perfect property that screams “home” in a split of a second.

By Denny Averill and!

How To Technology Use In Real State Business

Real estate professionals – how technology can make their lives better

The job of a realtor is not a simple one: to sell something very important as the “dream house” or apartment requires a lot of dedication. Fortunately, you can count on the help of technology to sell more real estate, especially when the housing market is not so good. The options available to combine technology and sales are many, and fully accessible; any real state professional can start using them today. Understand their impact and learn some strategies in the article below:

The impact of technology on real estate transactions

The new generation of potential customers is a connected generation - people who spend most of their time online, whether on tablets, smartphones or computers. For a real state professional, it is important to be close to his customers; so it is essential that the realtor is also connected. The main advantages of being present online, using the available technology, are: • Potential to reach more customers; • To advertise your work with low-cost or even no cost; • Increased buyer confidence in the realtor - because a well-run online presence can help in building good professional image; • Better marketing, through the use of various media resources available.


A blog is a well known and consolidated option. It works like a digital magazine, and a way to provide information to large audiences. You can describe the properties available, attach photos and videos, and create a contact form. With an effective blog, the realtor can be found by potential customers - through Google Search, for example. Through a blog, all other contact/communication networks can be linked. You also can promote your posts on Facebook, post videos on YouTube to increasing your online presence. Best of all is that there are numerous sites that offer blogs with layouts ready to use. Just choose what model that suits you and start to publish your content.


In addition to blogs, Facebook is another tool currently very widespread. Thousands of people have an active profile on this social network – meaning that there is a sea of sales opportunities to be explored by realtors. You can use Facebook to post text, photos and videos of houses and apartments that you are selling, and even create an event for the launch of a property sale. Facebook uses a more informal and direct style of communication, and is the best option to reach younger customers.


The use of Whatsapp for negotiations is a little bit different. In this case, the tool does not work so well for mass dissemination; instead, it is more fitted to maintain direct and personal contact with customers. Whatsapp offers an alternative to remind the customer about a property, ask for a position or submit a proposal. Although informal, it is much more efficient than an e-mail to get quick answers. Furthermore, it is an app to which any client has access.


With this app you can make your notes quickly and easily. The task management on it is very easy, and the application is available for different operational systems. You can use the Evernote app even without internet and, when you have a network available, the information is synchronized to the app. It also has a lot of search options, whether you organized or disorganized in your notes.

Real estate search apps

Although these applications are not controlled by the realtors themselves, they are also interesting tools. They allow you to find properties available for sale or rent in the desired region. It is possible to apply filters of price, area, number of bedrooms, among others. For realtors, this type of technology allows you to discover new business opportunities and evaluate the real estate market in the region.

There are several options for the realtor that wants to use technology on their work to improve sales. You must choose the most advantageous options for you, and include them in your work routine. Today’s skilled real estate professionals are tech-savvy. They perfectly understand that the internet and advanced technology are the two most useful tools to sell properties and make a name of themselves. If you want to make yourself noticed and build a reputation in the realty business, you must learn to use technology to beat your competitors.

By Denny Averill and!

How To Get Cybersecurity In Future

Cybercriminal has reached the point where there are more cybercrimes than physical crimes. Every day, thousands of small businesses are targeted and attacked only because they are not cyber protected. Most people underestimate the power of cyber security, which is why they choose not to protect their website and their business. Unfortunately for them, this is what makes them an easy target for cybercriminal. But, future smiles at us, with new technologies being around the corner. There are plenty of predictions for 2016, as well as the upcoming years, yet most of these predictions have one thing in common – all bets are placed on humans and machines working symbiotically. Here are a few things that will see change in the upcoming year/s.

Breach Prevention

While the cyber security is rapidly evolving, tools are becoming more sophisticated and more complex to use, and launching a cyber-attack has never been easier. Every year, millions of companies are being compromised and classified data being stolen. Companies are losing millions of dollars, and their business is getting disrupted. According to a survey done in 2015, most companies are spending their money on cyber security. However, there is a glimpse of hope. By the year 2020, cyber security will evolve to the point where there will be no possibilities of breach or cyber-attack. This new cyber shield will in the beginning be available only to those who can afford it, but will later on develop and be offered to all businesses, whether large or small.

Cybersecurity Education Will Spread

It is one thing having a small business and being familiar with a thing called cybercriminal, but it a whole new level learning about how to prevent it and stop it from occurring at your doors. In 2017, world’s leading cyber security organizations will start educating people about cyber security and its basics, and will hold conferences to improve the skills of current professionals. The problem gets way smaller once you learn its roots and how to deal with it. These conferences will offer all delegates the ability to learn from the world’s leading programmers and designers.

Improving Security on File Transfer

Since most of the information targeted is data, in the future we will see an increase in protection related to online file transfer. Clouds will gain additional security and better and improved software, and all serious platforms and social networks will have filters which will immediately recognize and remove any malicious software or information. Emails will integrate new protection systems and software, and the spam folder will become bigger and bigger. Current goal is to maximize security around file transfer, and once that is done, it will be much easier for people all over the world to send and receive important information without having to worry about their transfer being compromised.

A sea of Smartphones

Another important thing concerning the data usage is the ever growing usage of cell phones. It is estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of the world’s internet usage will come from cell phones. As the world population increases, there is no age limit at which a child gets his first smartphone. The average year is usually around 4-7, especially with rich parents. Poor countries around the world are being focused on, and soon they will also have full internet access and smartphones at hand. Having this in mind, global security leaders are trying to create new software that will protect all smartphones from cyber-attacks while connecting to a local network or Wi-Fi. Once this is achieved, the level of cybercrime will drastically decline

Unification of Sectors

Once the government and the private sector join, we will see changes in the field of cybercriminal. People will realize that tech is not something you can choose to have, and will realize that it is a necessity which provides both Internet and secures your business. Once the problem is identified and the awareness rose, all we can hope for is that the government and the private sector will find it in their power to work together and eliminate the threat of cybercriminal.

Future holds many uncertain things; however cybercrime is not one of them. It is only a matter of time before software becomes impossible to breach, and before we are able to conduct online businesses without the fear of pirates lurking behind every hyperlink or download.

10 amazing benefits of selenium over QTP

Quality testing is an essential part of any production procedure and it cannot be avoided in the case of software development too. Or, you can say it is more important in software development as even a minor mistake at any point of time may lead to many serious issues apart from time waste and money waste. Here, in this case, QA should be conducted at all stages of development.

There was a time when manual tests have been conducted. As the technology developed further, testing automation took the central stage and many tools have been introduced to facilitate testing automation. Selenium training and QTP testing training are the most popular ones among them.

It is common for those who are just beginning the career in QA to have a doubt about which tool to be chosen. Here are a few points to go with Selenium tool.

1. Price Factor

In a highly competitive world, price factor has a major role in deciding the market share of any product. Hence, it is necessary to bring down the production cost to the minimum. In this aspect, Selenium enjoys an upper hand over QTP as Selenium automation tool is free when QTP is a commercially sold product.

2. Platform Compatibility

Now, different platforms are available to work with and everybody have the right to chose any of them. Any program or tool should be multiple platform compatible nowadays. Unfortunately, QTP will run only on Windows whereas Selenium is multiple platform compatible.

3. Browser Compatibility

Similarly, a program or a tool should be compatible with multiple platforms. At a time, when people are using different browsers, this feature is essential and, unfortunately, QTP did not have the same, whereas Selenium is compatible with different browsers such as Google, Firefox etc.

4. Volume

QTP is limited to smaller organizations or for smaller tests. At the same time, Selenium can be used for simple and powerful document object model level testing and can be used for continuous integration with agile projects.

5. Programming Language

At a time when different testers are using different program languages, Selenium places itself a level above QTP with its multiple language compatibility. When QTP supports only VB scripts, Selenium webdriver supports multiple languages including java, perl, PHP, python, ruby etc.

6. Test Development Environment

Selenium testing allows using many IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio etc whereas with QTP you need a separate environment for them.

7. Additional Plug-ins

Selenium allows to add additional plug-ins, if necessary to perform any specific function and it is free of cost. Although QTP too allows, you will have to pay an extra amount for this facility.

8. Performing Multiple Functions

Selenium testing performs the functions on the background on the browser when QTP executes the steps on the application. Here, in the case of Selenium, the user can minimize the window and can perform any other functions while the test continues. But, no other functions can be performed when you are using QTP.

9. Technical Support

Technical support is essential in this case. QTP, being a commercial product, has technical support from the dealers but there are many open forums and groups providing technical support for Selenium online. In a way, even the technical support is free for online Selenium training.
10. Test Development Environment When you use QTP, test development scripts can be developed only in QTP but with selenium, the same can be developed in different IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio and Netbeans.

You may have to compare a few more points to take the final decision, but these are the important points which you should take care of while selecting a test automation tool.

Author Bio:

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Samsung Service Center Address In Chennai Tamilnadu

Samsung mobile service center address in Chennai ,Samsung is largest mobile company of India and world Samsung company daily sold more than thousand of mobile and other products but some time you see problem in Samsung mobile like camera problem, display problem, camera problem, key paid problem, sound problem , touch problems , software problem , cables problems , and any mobile problems related to mobile and you are searching address of Samsung service center in Chennai  so you are on right site because our site provide you full details of Samsung service center address with mobile number and E-mail address.

Samsung Service Center In Chennai T.N

Address 1

Service Center NameCustomer Service Plaza
Service Center AddressNAC Tower,85/1, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004
Service Center Mobile044 - 55545500
Service Center

Address 2

Service Center NameTechno Care
Service Center Address1/1 Muthu Krishnan Street,(Opp to Metro Water)Pondy Bazaar,
 T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017
Service Center Mobile044 - 52024166
Service Center

Address 3

Service Center NameHitech Solutions
Service Center AddressOld no: M.98, New No: 83,Anna Nagar East,
 Chennai - 600 102
Service Center Mobile044 - 2621 5358
Service Center

Address 4

Service Center NameIconet Communication Pvt Ltd
Service Center AddressF-24, Opp To Tanishq Jewellery, Near Roundtana,
2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar East, Chennai - 600102
Service Center Mobile26268718 , 26268682, 9841312240 , 9884223666
Service Center E-Mail---

Address 5

Service Center NameSamsung Service Centre
Service Center AddressNo 10, Kasturibah Gandhi Nagar,
A A Road, Vyasarpadi, Chennai - 600039
Service Center Mobile25512464,30308282,32446462
Service Center E-Mail--

Address 6

Service Center NameElectro Wave Service Centre
Service Center AddressNo 30 Ground Floor, Near Vetrinary College,
 Maddox Street, Vepery, Chennai - 600007
Service Center Mobile26481783
Service Center E-Mail--

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Samsung Mobile Toll Free Number:---1800-3000-8282 & 1800-266-828

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